Friday, July 16, 2010

Staff Recommended Reading: Roads to Quoz

Roads to Quoz: An American Mosey by William Least Heat-Moon is as attractive for the folksy erudition and cantilevered but thoroughly sound architecture of its prose as for the odd, whimsical, provocative thoughts, themes, and facts ("quozzes") it traces through the byways and waterways of our nation. William Least Heat-Moon, whose name alone is enough to invite readership, came to fame exploring vanishing small-town America via his Blue Highways. Still a traveling man but now experience-ripened and learned, he lets us in on the series of side-road trips he and his wife took questing rare, curious, place-related discoveries. The travel counterpart to a Slow Food meal is this local, organic, satisfying read of many courses with a full palate of flavors.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Carnaval 2010

We're finally posting some photos from Carnaval! The Mission Branch had the pleasure of taking part in the annual Carnaval parade here in the Mission. Staffmembers walked along with the San Francisco Public Library Bookmobile to promote the library and the Mission Branch. The theme was "Where the Wild Things Are..."